Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Company in Winter Garden, Florida

Since 2007, Ark Septic Inc. has been the go-to septic service in Winter Garden, Florida. From Clermont to Windermere to Orlando, our contractors accurately and quickly diagnose septic problems to get your system back in working order. We are family owned and operated. and we guarantee that we will beat any competitor’s price for both drain field and septic service.
Despite being forgettable most of the time, your septic system is one of the most important aspects of your home. Contrary to popular belief, your system needs regular septic cleaning to continue to function properly, which is usually once a year. Ark Septic Inc. has an industrial pumper for use in our septic cleaning jobs so that we can have your necessary service completed as soon as possible.

septic tank

Septic maintenance 

Your tank gets full of waste and water over that year, which causes it to have problems such as toilets overflowing frequently. During the time of your service call, we’ll complete a septic inspection which includes a full diagnosis of any problems and offer you an honest and accurate estimate. Occasionally, if your home’s septic plumbing system is backing up in your toilet or shower, that can indicate the need for new drain field installation, which we offer as well. This includes repiping and installation of new chambers.

We also complete sewage treatments and sewer drain repair.

Does your house smell like a sewer?
Are your sewer lines clogged?
Sounds like your septic tank has filled up and needs to be pumped. 
Our licensed technicians can pump the sludge from alternative and conventional septic systems. 
The 24-hour availability of our septic pump outs will restore sanitation if bubbling sludge at the soil’s surface is wreaking havoc to your leach field yard.