Septic Drainfields

Drain Field inspection

Repairing drain fields can be both costly and inconvenient.  You can minimize the disruption to your home by catching minor problems before they become major ones. Knowing the signs of a failing drain field can mean the difference between a small repair and a major overhaul of your septic system.  If your septic tank has not been pumped regularly, solids are transferred into your leach field, and you may notice that your toilets, sinks and shower start draining slowly. If the problem becomes worse, you may notice wet or discolored spots on your lawn. These indicate drain-field failure and must be remedied right away to prevent backflow and total system failure. From Orlando to Windermere, we've got you covered.
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Drainfield Installation

We do everything we can to extend the life of a septic system. If it’s possible to save the system, we do it! But ultimately, the drainage field will reach its capacity and fail. In those few instances when the leach field has failed completely and repair will not likely restore it, we can replace your leaching system. This process is invasive, however our professionals act quickly  to ensure you’re inconvenienced for as little time as possible and your new system is installed with accuracy. 

To ensure your drainfield is performing properly and avoiding costly problems that can lead to septic failure, trust the pros at Ark Septic, Inc. Through a variety of routine maintenance procedures and skillful assessment of your septic tank, we’ll help ensure your leach field is in optimal condition.