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Grease Trap collection in Winter Garden, Florida

Grease traps are similar to septic tanks but they need more maintenance. Grease causes more problems to septic systems than all other problems combined. Grease does not dissolve causing drains to stop up. Once grease begins to harden, it has to be cut out with electric drain cleaning equipment.  When a grease trap or septic tank is not pumped out regularly, the grease gets into the piping that goes into the field line. Then it`s too late. It`s so much cheaper to pump septic and grease traps than to do even the cheapest repairs to them. A little pumping will go a long way to stop these problems from ever beginning. 

grease trap cleanout

Grease Trap Cleaning 

Grease traps require periodic cleaning to maintain their ability to function properly. Our experts here at Ark Septic, Inc. offers complete grease trap pumping and cleaning services. Licensed and approved, we keep in compliance with all regulations pertaining to waste removal and disposal.

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At Ark Septic, Inc., we’re not afraid to do the dirty work. When you need a reliable and experienced team to clean your septic tank, sewer pump, or grease trap, we are here to serve you. Allow us to prevent messy problems in your home or business by providing quality cleaning and removal services.